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“By mixing the practical advice with plenty of period details, Zukowski creates a wonderful book for the home decorator” - Orlando Sentinel

“For people who love researching and looking at authentic historic interiors from the late 1800′s, this is a ‘must read’ and a ‘must-keep-on-your-bookshelf-for-future-reference’ book” – Sarah Felix Burns, novelist and blogger

“In “Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement” visual-culture historian Karen Zukowski explores the late 1800s, as the Victorian décor gave way to Arts & Crafts home design” – Newsday


As the owner of a Victorian house, you are proud of your home!  You want your interior be as distinctive as the exterior.  But you haven’t found expert insight and practical advice, all rolled into one single source of information.  But now you have!

Written by Karen Zukowski - an expert in the field, Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement is a richly-illustrated history of Victorian design  and provides  unique practical parallels between then and now, demonstrating how to apply the spirit of the 19th century Aesthetic movement to 21st  century homes.

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The Aesthetic Movement
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