What Does this Book Say about Victorian Homes?

Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement is the first in-depth look at late 19th-century home design and its cultural context.

Average housewives transformed the radical premise of the Aesthetic Movement — art for art’s sake — into lush, nurturing homes.  They believed that artful homes made people better, families happier, and society stronger.

As it flowered in America, the Aesthetic movement became not so much a style as a process. The Aesthetic Movement left us a legacy of Queen Anne houses and tidy suburbs, and its influence is now felt as Americans embrace the more-is-more philosophy of home furnishings.

The aesthetic movement grew out of ideas and the products of English reformers, such as William Morris, and was flamboyantly promoted by Oscar Wilde in an 1882 lecture tour across America. The movement germinated among artists who used opulent color, decorative patterning, and lavish materials simply for the aesthetic effects they could evoke.

Tastemakers rallied—Louis Comfort Tiffany became an interior designer while his father’s firm, Tiffany and Company, produced Japoniste silver. Eastlake Furniture invaded fashionable shops like Cottiers, and Oriental stores appeared in even small towns.

Creating the Artful Home takes a thorough look at household furnishings, from the lavish productions of the Herter Brothers to humble Minton tiles…and provides practical advises to help you make the right choices for your home interior…today!

Table of Contents:

The Soil and the Seeds
Selling The Style
Artful Objects at Home
Living in the Artful Home
Creating the Artful Home