Why is this book the only book that you need to create your Artful Home interior?

This book offers unique benefits:

•  This book is the only authoritative source on late 19th century American home design and its connection to the Aesthetic movement, with many never- before published and uncommon illustrations.

•  Contrary to other books covering the era, which very often specialize in just one media or maker, this book covers all aspects of the Aesthetic movement in America, including tastemakers, distribution networks, and all sorts of home furnishings.

•  It is a single source of information and inspiration for home-owners who want to decorate their home in Victorian or Victorian-inspired style.   The book shows both historically correct furnishings and 21st-Century decor made in the same Maximalist spirit…and provides practical advice to transpose the Aesthetic movement into the 21st century home.

•  Finally, contrary to academic books on the subject, the book is  entertaining – with beautiful illustrations and the engaging story of a Victorian housewife.  With this book, learning about the Aesthetic era is fun!